Drawing people into your business and community with the benefits of landscape displays for your commercial property. Most importantly, taking the time to improve your grounds lets your customers and future residents know that you take pride in your property and value both your location and your role as a part of the community or neighborhood.


With the right kind of planning, implementation, and maintenance you can enjoy a gorgeous landscape for your property in a relatively short time giving your property added value for many years to come. With the help of Milledgeville Landscaping Pros, you definitely keep your commercial landscape beautiful and well-maintained. 


With regards to commercial landscape, there are some popular office plants you should consider:



  • Devil’s Ivy



This evergreen vine consists of large, sometimes heart-shaped, leaves and comes in a variety of light and dark colours. This plant adapts well to a variety of office conditions, and they are easy to care for, making them the perfect addition to your desk, meeting room table or even trained around a pole or cane in a large pot on the floor.



  • Ficus Benjamina



Commonly known as the weeping fig, this plant is extremely versatile and looks attractive as a stand-alone piece or as part of a mixed display. This plant typically grows wild in the tropical forests of India, Southeast Asia and Northern Australia so it is guaranteed to give your office an exotic touch. If you do plan on using this plant in your office, be cautious of placement as cold drafts from windows or doors can be harmful to the plant itself.



  • Bromeliads



Bromeliads are the perfect plant for reception areas or dotted along corridors as they are very attractive to the eye. In order to bloom, they do require some maintenance, but after that, they only require minimal watering.



  • Peace lily



Peace lilies are popular as they do not need a lot of light and are forgiving of occasional over-watering. They are renowned for cleaning the air, removing toxins and creating an overall nicer working environment.



  • Dracaena


Dracaenas are a great choice for eliminating pollutants but also act as a unique focal point for employees and clients. They have the ability to survive in drought-like conditions and have a relentless root system which makes them tough to wilt.


There are many possibilities for landscaping design but typically, the best and most practical landscaping ideas are those which offer maximum benefit with minimal maintenance. There is more to the concept of landscaping design than simply to provide curb appeal. In fact, landscaping displays can also be used to convey a certain impression or look that defines your business or personal style.  Your landscape can be designed to appeal to a specific type of customer or future residents.


No matter what type of landscaping design you decide is best for you, the choice to enhance your business property is one which can provide you with many sustaining rewards with results that will greatly offset the initial investment costs.


Remember that a beautiful design can be created in even the smallest of areas and you may be surprised at the enhancements that can be achieved with only minor landscaping improvements.